A Fairy Tale Adventure
A Fairy Tale Adventure
February 11 - February 19, 2017
Edgewood Middle School
929 Edgewood Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

The Wicked Witch has changed the endings to all the Fairy Tales so that evil will triumph, and she's kidnapped The Fairy to stop him from reversing the spell. Only Hansel, Gretel, and Paddy the Gingerbread Man can save the tales for a happily ever after ending!  You'll know and love all of these classic fairy tale characters, but you've never seen them like this before. With a live band rocking original music, this engaging musical will be a hit with young audiences and fun for all ages!

Written by Sophia Holder, performed by permission of Lazy Bee Scripts. Music by Justin Kono, Aaron Kaplan, and Michael Goldman.

Production Staff

Producer - Jamie Davidson

Producer - Krista Collins

Director - Brad Kisner

Music Director / Cellist - Aaron Kaplan

Choreographer - Annie Snow

Pianist - Michael Goldman

Percussionist - Justin Kono

Stage Manager - Gryffon Elliott

Costumer - Martha Shuford

Set Designer - Marissa Gil

Sound Designer - Rich Neumann

Cast Members

The Wicked Witch - Denise Tamburrino

Hansel - Bob Spidale

Gretel - Heidi Hansfield

Paddy The Gingerbread Man - Brent Walker

The Emperor - Patrick Luce

The Fairy - Scott Spector

Snow White - Toni Mansfield

The Pied Piper - Henry Gessner

The Ugly Duckling - Jen Houghton

Goldilocks - Molly Jacobson

Seven The Dwarf - Katie Zarletti

Birch Tree - Abigail Rakocy

Maple Tree - Danielle Bohrer

Willow Tree - Sabra Gerber

Images and Media

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