Busytown, The Musical
Busytown, The Musical
February 10 - February 18, 2018
Elm Place Middle School
2031 Sheridan Road, Highland Park, IL 60035

Busytown is always buzzing with activity. But what do people do all day? That’s where Huckle Cat comes in—he’ll take us on a tour of his great neighborhood. And there is so much to see and do, so many wonderful friends to visit. Huckle shows us how Farmer Pig and Grocer Cat work together to bring food to the town. Construction Worker and his crew build new houses, and Firechief and the gang keep them safe. Isn’t it wonderful how everyone works together to keep Busytown busy?

Theatre For Young Audiences

A play adapted by Kevin Kling Based on the books by Richard Scarry
Music by Michael Koerner
Lyrics by Kevin Kling & Michael Koerner

RUNNING TIME: One Act Musical - 55 minutes

Production Staff

Producer - Jamie Davidson

Director - Debbie Goldman

Assistant Director - Sue Jacobson

Music Director - Aaron Kaplan

Choreographer - Cathy Jacobson

Live Music by JAM - Justin Kono, Michael Goldman, and Aaron Kaplan

Costumer - Vicky Jablonski

Set Designer - Marissa Gil

Props Designer - Abra Chusid

Marketing Director - Jacob Cohen

Sound Designer - Rich Neumann

Stage Manager - Gryffon Cloud

Cast Members

Huckle Cat - Al Katz-Mariani

Betsy Bear - Heidi Hansfield

Sergeant Murphy - Brian Herrle

Farmer Alfalfa, Train the Dog - Bob Spidale

Grocer Mom Cat - Aimee Kleiman

Tailor Stitches, Jason the Mason - Toni Mansfield

Blacksmith Fox - Sammi Gassel

Construction Worker, Salty the Pirate - Dave Lemrise

Dig Pig, Letter Carrier - Sarah Makkawy

Sawdust - Elise Lipezker

Lowly Worm - Christina Melgar

Postwoman, Humperdink, Baker Trio - Katy Mitchell

Nurse, Grandma Bear, Baker Trio - Naomi Hershman

Firechief, Baker Trio - Molly Jacobson

Able Baker Charlie - Sabra Gerber

Dr. Lion, Betsy's Mother - Susie Perkowitz

Bananas Gorilla - Jamie Davidson

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