Bye Bye Birdie
Bye Bye Birdie
October 21 - October 30, 2011
Northbrook Theatre
3323 Walters Ave Northbrook, IL 60062

BYE BYE BIRDIE is one of the most captivating musical shows of our time. It tells the story of a rock and roll singer who is about to be inducted into the army. The singer, Conrad Birdie, an Elvis Presley type, has a pompadour and thick sideburns; he wears gaudy gold costumes and speaks in a rugged voice. Albert Peterson, his agent, is a very pleasant mild mannered young man. Albert's faithful secretary Rose Alvarez keeps him and Birdie moving forward in the world. Rosie concocts one final national publicity plan before Conrad's induction.

BYE BYE BIRDIE is a satire done with the fondest affection. It gives an insight into the everyday life that is very much part of us all. It is the tops in imagination and frivolity; a show that will be enjoyed by the cast as much as the audience.

Show History:
BYE BYE BIRDIE is a stage musical with a book by Michael Stewart, lyrics by Lee Adams, and music by Charles Strouse.

Originally titled Let's Go Steady, the satire on American society is set in 1958. The story was inspired by the phenomenon of popular singer Elvis Presley and his draft notice into the Army in 1957. The rock star character's name, "Conrad Birdie", is word play on the name of Conway Twitty. Twitty is best remembered today for his long career as a country music star, but before that, in the late 1950s, he was one of Presley's rock 'n' roll rivals.

The original Broadway production was a Tony Award-winning success. It spawned a London production and several major revivals, a sequel, a 1963 film and a 1995 television production. The show also became a popular choice for high school and college productions.

Production Staff

Executive Producer - Bradley A. Rose

Producer - Ira Rosenthal

Producer - David Shaw

Director - Bradley Lee Kisner

Choreographer - Peter Rasey

Assistant Choreographer - Marissa Hockfield

Music Director - David Belew

Costumer - Kathy Bruhnke

Costume Assistant - Janice Gemp

Lighting Designer - Kurt Ottinger

Light Board Operator - Bob Berman

Sound Designer / Operator - Alec Kinastowski

Stage Manager - Maggie Neumayer

Props Mistress - Mary Elizabeth Beavers

Scenic Director - Emily Guthrie

Accompanist - Claire Birmingham

Cast Members

Albert Peterson - Ken Preuss

Rose Alvarez - Alexis Armstrong

Conrad Birdie - Todd D. Bulmash

Kim MacAfee - Annie Jo Fischer

Harry MacAfee - Thad W. Fisher

Doris MacAfee - Laura Immergluck

Mae Peterson - Marian Kaderbek

Hugo Peabody - Brent Walker

Randolph MacAfee - Logan Pastron

Ursula Merkle - Morgan Dietkus

Mrs. Merkle - Pamela Anderson

Gloria Rasputin - Gretchen Peters

Mayor - Joe Schmitt

Mayor's Wife - Carol Lee Wax

Mrs. Johnson - Toni Mansfield

Charles F. Maude - Jamie Davidson

Alice - Becky Keeshin

Nancy - Erica Chin

Penelope Ann - Sarah Glieberman

Helen - Abaigeal O'Donnell

Deborah Sue - Jenna Makkawy

Suzie - Kristin Kapinos

Sad Girl (Featured Dancer) - Marissa Hockfield

Teenagers - Patrick Butterfield, Jessica Cary, Jacob Cohen, Matthew Evans, Marissa Hockfield, Chip Kass, Dahlia Maleh

Ensemble - Pamela Anderson, Jolie Armstrong, Patrick Butterfield, Jacob Cohen, Quinn Coretti, Jamie Davidson, Matthew Evans, Toni Mansfield, Aaron Miller, Gretchen Peters, Joe Schmitt, Carol Lee Wax, Greg Winston

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