Jack and the Bean Stalk
Jack and the Bean Stalk

This is the traditional children's fairy tale of a boy named Jack who trades his beloved cow for a handful of "magic" beans. The planted beans grow into a huge beanstalk reaching far into the clouds and into the realm of a giant who had kidnapped Jack's father.

Despite his mother's pleadings, Jack climbs up the beanstalk and helps his father to escape from the giant, who ends up being not as mean as everyone thought.

Production Staff

Producer - Bill Harris

Director - Scott Burtness

Assistant Director - Bill Harris

Costumes - All Dressed Up

Props Coordinator - John Flint

Cast Members

Jack - Tommy Hansfield

Jacqueline - Jodie Pineless

Poultry Woman - Michelle Cizek

Jonathan - Ron Ben-Joseph

Frippery - Emily Doyle

Dairy Maid - Vanessa Miceli

Colossus - Mike Johnson

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