February 22 - March 1, 2020
Sherwood Elementary School
1900 Stratford Road, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Based on the popular book by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann, this is the tale of Pinkalicious. Pinkalicious loves pink and wants everything in her life to be pink. Her dream is to radiate pink. After over indulging in pink cupcakes, she wakes up pink. She is thrilled to be pink and have her dream come true. Her parents take her to the doctor, and she is diagnosed with pinkititis. On the way home, Pinkalicious plays at the playground but is attacked by birds and bees when she is mistaken for a pink flower. Her best friend doesn’t even recognize her as she is camouflaged in the garden. At home, she eats another cupcake, and the next morning she wakes up red and develops pink eye pinkititis whereby she can only see the color pink. Now she must do something to fix her predicament. Pink-A-Boo!

Theatre For Young Audiences

Rehearsals will take place at West Ridge Center, 636 Ridge Rd Highland Park, throughout all of January and February with both weeknight and weekend rehearsals. Schedule may vary, but expect approximately 3 weeknights each week (ex. 7:00-9:30) and Saturdays (ex. 10AM-1PM). Schedule/times will vary depending on cast/staff availability. Tech week, the week prior to the show, will take place at Sherwood School and rehearsals will be every day that week.  Some Sundays & other extras will be required for promotional events.

Production Staff

Producer - Scott Schwartz

Producer - Carol Lee Wax

Producer - Holly Weis

Director - Jeri Hart

Choreographer - Cathy Jacobson

Music Director - Aaron Kaplan

Stage Manager - Matt Zalinski

Set Designers - Marc and Donna Price

Sound Designer - Richard Neumann

Costume Designer - Mansie O’Leary

Public Relations - Jacob Cohen

Cast Members

Pinkalicious - Heidi Hansfield

Peter - Henry Gessner

Mrs. Pinkerton - Sabra Gerber

Mr. Pinkerton - Eric Benveniste

Dr. Wink - Jen Houghton

Alison - Sarah Makkawy

Ensemble - Aria Caldwell, Jacob Cohen, Maya Fliegler, Kaia Mavradas, Alex McGarry, Jonathan Protus, Sue Vani

Images and Media

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