School House Rock Live Too!
School House Rock Live Too!
February 8 - February 16, 2014
Edgewood Middle School
929 Edgewood Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE TOO! is an energetic, colorful, fast-paced musical with zany, lovable characters. The show draws its inspiration from the Emmy Award-winning Saturday morning cartoon series, popular in the 1970's. Far from outmoded, however, SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE TOO! is full of modern lyrics, catchy melodies, upbeat dance sections, and witty banter.

Audiences of all ages will fall in love with Nina, the owner of a fading diner and her wacky friends. Together, this charismatic crew (made up of a friendly waitress, a "regular" at the diner, a chef, and a first-day schoolteacher) tries to brainstorm ways to save their run down diner. As they reject one idea after the next, they remain encouraged by songs from their favorite show, Schoolhouse Rock. Songs like "The Rockin' Medley", "Electricity" and "Dollars". In the end, they realize that the answer was right in front of them all along... the Conjunction Junction Diner is up and running and open for business!

Production Staff

Producer - Krista Koutsis

Producer - Carol Lee Wax

Producer - Carol Lee Wax

Director - Bradley Lee Kisner

Choreographer - Marissa Hockfield

Vocal Director - Marty Karlin

Costumer - Janice Gemp

Associate Producer - Jacob Cohen

Cast Members

Cookie - Marian Kaderbak

Julie - Colleen Schwartz

Lucky - Bob Spidale

Nina - Kelsey Stephens

Rebecca - Jenna Makkawy

Tom - Adrian Briones

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