The Pajama Game
The Pajama Game
October 20 - November 4, 2017
Northbrook Theatre
3323 Walters Ave Northbrook, IL 60062

Directed by 3-time Jeff Award Winner, Dominic Missimi

Set in the 1950s, The Pajama Game concerns the battle between the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory management and employees over a 7 1/2 cent raise.  In this tightly run factory, conditions are anything but ideal as the union struggles to convince the president of the factory, "Old Man" Hasler, to give them a raise on par with other factories.  Amidst the growing conflict, sparks fly between the new superintendent, Sid Sorokin, and the leader of the Union Grievance Committee, Babe Williams,  but their romance is quickly stifled when Hasler refuses the union's calls for a raise, forcing Sid and Babe to be on opposing sides of the clash. As the labour dispute continues to escalate, jealousy, love, sex and politics all collide in the chaos of the Sleep Tite factory.

Winning Tony awards for Best Musical and Best Musical Revival more than 50 years apart, featuring a host of classic Broadway songs including Steam Heat, Hey There, Once a Year Day and Hernando's Hideaway, and made into a hit movie starring Doris Day, The Pajama Game has earned its reputation as being one of Broadway's best musicals.

Production Staff

Executive Producer - Bradley A. Rose

Producer - David Shaw

Director - Dominic Missimi

Choreographer - Dina DiCostanzo

Music Director and Conductor - Aaron Kaplan

Stage Manager and Assistant Director - Kaitlin Moser

Costumer - Martha Shuford

Lighting Designer - Kurt Ottinger

Sound Designer and Operator - Richard Neumann

Marketing - Jamie Davidson

Marketing - Jacob Cohen

Scenic Designer - Lauren Nichols

Props Designer - Debbie Szczesniak

Cast Members

Sid - Trevor Vanderzee

Babe - Hannah Rose

Hines - Mark Anderson

Prez - Tony Calzaretta

Gladys - Nicole Frydman

Mae - Denise Tamburrino

Hassler - Richard Salon

Mabel - Naomi Hirschman

Poopsie - Justine Klein

Pop - David Miller

Brenda - Heidi Hansfield

Virginia - Alexis Armstrong

Mara - Jill Schwartz

Rita - Jeri Hart

Frank - Artem Lazarev

Charlie - Sean Blitzstein

Ted - Jamie Davidson

Joe - Chris Johnson

Fred - Scott Schwartz

Max - Jacob Cohen

Ensemble - Anna Marie Abbate, Nicolette DeGuia, Rebecca Fortier, Hayley Himmelman, Sarah Makkawy, Annie Snow, Marnie Warner

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